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National Rallies Highlight Women's Rights
The Heights - May 2, 2012

"...and Jen Deaderick, a writer in Cambridge who founded the Equal Rights Amendment page on Facebook and hashtag on Twitter, Usethe19th"

Long After Women's History Month, #UseThe19th
Hello Ladies - March 31, 2012

"Jen Deaderick, a writer and creator of the Equal Rights Amendment Facebook page, understands this.  At the beginning of the month, she started the #UseThe19th social media campaign along with journalists Dahlia Lithwick, Lizzie Skurnick, and Rebecca Traister, to encourage women to use one of the most powerful tools we possess – the ability to vote."

Suffrage in the Age of the Hashtag 
The Atlantic: Health - March 23, 2012

"Such was the environment when Jen Deaderick decided to fix things. Or rather, to mobilize women to fix things, using a power they already have. 'The simplest thing for women to do isn't to march, or boycott,' she said. 'It's to vote. To use their hard-fought right to make change.'" 

Facebook Following Grows
Old Sturbridge Village Visitor - Spring, 2010
(PDF, p16)

"The OSV Facebook page was started by Boston-area visitor Jen Deaderick, who enjoyed field trips to OSV as a child. "

Ann Leary's Latest: War Of Words--Make It Tweets
Litchfield County Times - April 8, 2010

"Massachusetts author Jen Deaderick, one of Mrs. Leary's then 900-plus Twitter followers, but otherwise a complete stranger, cattily antagonized actor/comedian Denis Leary's wife"

Timothy Hutton: Literary Sex God
The Daily Beast - January 19, 2010

"Jen Deaderick, a Boston writer who rivals Klam for frequency of Hutton-related tweets"

Tweet. Tweet. Twitter for Beginners
EY Studios - July, 2009

"Just ask Jen Deaderick, of Cambridge, MA, who used Twitter to promote the grand opening of her new restaurant, Tupelo, and was blessed with a full house on opening night"

Tweets' on the menu are a sweet deal
Boston Globe - June 29, 2009

"On Dec. 2, computer consultant Jen Deaderick got on the social-networking site Twitter and posted: 'Tupelo02139 is preparing'. It was her first missive, or tweet, on behalf of the Cambridge restaurant Tupelo, where her husband is a chef."

Bostonist: Tupelo and Sip Cafe now open
We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live - April 25, 2009

"Impressed by the speed of their reaction, I direct-messaged Tupelo for more information, and found out that the voice behind Tupelo's Twitter feed is Jen Deaderick, the wife of Tupelo's opening chef"

Southern Comfort: Tupelo Opens in Inman Square
Bostonist - April 23, 2009

"Jen Deaderick, Layman's charming wife, has been manning the Twitter feed for the restaurant as @tupelo02139, with endearing updates like this one: 'So many loose ends, so few days. We do have fabulous new chairs, and there will definitely be gumbo. What more do you need?'"